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US Brand Name Monopril
Generic Name Fosinopril
Other Brand Name Fovas 10 mg, Fosinace 20 mg
Manufacturer CIPLA, Cadila pha.
Packing 10
Form Tablet
Strength 10 mg, 20 mg
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Fosinopril is used in the treatment of hypertension, heart failure, heart attack and diabetic kidney disease.

How it Works

Fosinopril is known as an angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor.ACE inhibitors fosinopril prevents the body from creating a hormone known as angiotensin II. Fosinopril does this by blocking and inhibiting a chemical called angiotensin-converting enzyme. This then widens the blood vessels and helps to reduce the amount of water put back into blood by the kidneys. These actions by Fosinopril then help to decrease blood pressure.

Common Side effects

Patients who take Fosinopril may suffer from such side effects;

Increased potassium level in blood,
Decreased blood pressure,
Renal impairment


Fosinopril or generic monopril tablet is a pharmaceutical drug for lowering blood pressure as this is also in the group of ACE inhibitor. It helps manage the hypertension through making the blood vessels relax. It simply control or treat to hasten the ill feeling or condition of the patient but it never cures. This medicine serves better for many patients to feel better because they got a chance on maintaining their lives using this medicine for if they will find less chances of damage kidneys and other complications when blood pressure raise from normal.


Every fosinopril tablets is use for oral administration on which 10 mg, 20 mg and 40 mg tablets have fosinopril sodium with several inactive ingredients such as NF, sodium lauryl sulfate, crospovidone, isopropyl alcohol, glyceryl behenate, lactose anhydrous, povidone, and microcrystalline cellulose.


This fosinopril tablets are good for treatment of hypertension through using it either alone or combination with otherthiazide diuretics. The usage of this drug-medicine allows patients to control their blood levels together with the use of diuretics, but they may experience volume of intravascular depletion may rarely experience too much reduction of blood pressure after first use of fosinopril tablets yet the health providing will give a remedy on it through stopping the use of diuretics or any other options.

Dosage and administration

It is extremely important to follow the doctor's prescription or the guide on the prescription label of the medicine. A patient must take the tablet on his mouth. Taking Fosinopril with an empty stomach is an ideal recommendation which is at least one hour before or two hours after the meals of the patient. Patients must never take the medicine frequently which is more than doctor's prescription or on the medicine’s label to avoid overdose.


Fosinopril tablets contain some contraindications from patients who have hypersensitive on this drug, those who has surgery, anesthesia, medicine, and those with angioedema along with any other treatment using ACE inhibitor .

Important Precautions

Necessary precautionary measures for those who plans to take this type of medicine such as Impaired Renal Function, Hyperkalemia, cough, impairment of liver function and Hemodialysis.

Side effects

A patient who feels something unusual while taking this medicine must see her doctor right away especially when there is a feeling of dizziness, chills and fever, face, tongue and lips swell badly, skin rashes, difficulty in urination or only small amount of urine unlike in regular times and feels numbness.


It is important to store it on the recommended room temperature and storage place to keep and maintain the unaltered condition of the medicine. Keep the Fosinopril in a clean and dry but tightly close container. Put it in a room temperature of between 150C to 300C or between 590F and 860 F. Do not forget to throw the expired medicine with proper disposal to avoid accidental eating of those unusable Fosinopril.