Metformin, Careprost, Sildenafil, Tadalafil

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  •  Cilamin/ Penicillamine

    Cilamin/ Penicillamine

    Generic Name: Penicillamine
    Form: Capsules/Tablets
  •  Deflazacort


    Generic Name: Deflazacort
    Form: Tablet
  • Boostrix


    Generic Name: Diphtheria Toxoid , Pertussis Toxoid , Tetanus Toxoid
    Form: Syringe
  • Cervarix


    Generic Name: Human papillomavirus type 16 L1protien, Human papillomavirus type 18 L1protien
    Form: Syringe
  • Engerix-b Hepatitis B Vaccine

    Engerix-b Hepatitis B Vaccine

    Generic Name: Hepatitis B surface Antigen (Recombinant)
    Form: Vial
  • Fluarix Injection

    Fluarix Injection

    Generic Name: Inactivated Influenza Vaccine (Split Virion)
    Form: Syringe
  • Twinrix Syringe

    Twinrix Syringe

    Generic Name: Hepatitis A virus, Hepatitis B virus surface antigen
    Form: Syringe
  • Typherix Syringe

    Typherix Syringe

    Generic Name: Salmonella typhi vaccine
    Form: Syringe
  • Varilrix Injection

    Varilrix Injection

    Generic Name: Lyophylised vaccine contaning live attenuated oka strain of varicella-zoster virus
    Form: Vial
  • Humira Injection

    Humira Injection

    Generic Name: Adalimumab
    Form: Injection Pre-filled
  • Prograf


    Generic Name: Tacrolimus
    Form: Cupsule
  • Rapamune


    Generic Name: Sirolimus
    Form: Tablet

30 Item(s)