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Ampicillin / DiCloxacillin

The antibacterial Ampicillin/DiCloxacillin treats respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, skin and soft tissue infections, etc.

US Brand Name Megapen
Generic Name Ampicillin / Cloxacillin
Other Brand Name Megaclox
Manufacturer CIPLA
Packing 15
Form Capsule
Strength 250/250mg

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The Ampicillin / Cloxacillin is a category drug. It is having the marketing strategy in the generic drug. The US brand name of this drug is Megapen and having the other brand name as Megaclox. The drug is designed by CIPLA. The drug is usually made in the form of capsules. Each capsule is having the strength of 250mg. It is the best antibiotics in the human body. It is preventing the bacterial infections in the many parts, so that it takes the control over the diseases like fever, stomach pain etc.


The active main component of this drug is AMPICILLIN TRIHYDRATE. This substance has a molecular weight of 403.45. Inactive compositions of this drug are gelatine, lactose monohydrate, titanium dioxide, atmos 300, sodium citrate, vanillin, sodium benzoate, lactose monohydrate, emulsion, sucrose, and artificial flavourings. These three parts of water molecule is attached to trihydrate.


The general use of the drug is being the antibiotics for bacterial infections. It gives protection to any kind of allergies like rashes, reddish of eyes and itching in the body. It prevents the skin from the swelling. It is used in the treatment of diarrhea.

Dosage and administration

The dosage should be taken at the regular interval for every 5-6 hours. The dosage is usually 250 mg for a single time. The dosage should be taken as per the schedule given by the doctors and the manual of the tablet covers. You should not miss any dosage and take medicines daily on the regular basis. If you miss any dosage you can skip the dosage on the particular day and take medicines for the next day.


The pregnant women should get advice from the doctors before using the medicines since it may affect the new born babies. It is necessary that you should tell the allergies and other medical conditions with the doctors to start the medications.

Important Precautions

You should not drive the heavy vehicles like bike and cars. Avoid doing the rough work, and hard games. You should need to contact with the doctors when you experience any side effects. You should have the contact numbers of the nearest medical care centers for any urgent.

Side effects

It causes the diarrhea and motion problems when the medicines are not taken properly. You might be affected with fever, head-ache and stomach pain, in case of any overdose. It may cause throat, face and mouth infections. You can experience some allergies when you taking the medicines.


The drug can be stored in the temperature of 15-30 degrees. It should be stored in the safe container. It should not be stored in the heat and cold. It should be prevented from the sunlight and also not reachable to the children, pets and any mentally affected people in the home. It should not be used after the expiry date. It should not be wetted in the rain and not keep in the bathroom.