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Cabergoline Generic

Cabergoline is a dopamine receptor agonist prescribed for the treatment of hyperprolactinemia. In women, it can help treat inconsistent breast milk production, missed periods, etc. In men, it can help treat decreased sexual desire, enlarged breast, etc. It may also be used to manage Parkinson`s disease.

US Brand Name Dostinex
Generic Name Cabergoline
Other Brand NameCaberlin, CB-Lin, Colette
Manufacturer Sun Pharmaceutical, Cipla
Packing 2
Form Tablet
Strength 0.5 mg

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Cabergoline from Sun Pharma

Posted by Tiffany England on 2014-12-30

I have been taking Cabergoline from Sun Pharma for more than a year to help manage my Parkinson's. To me, there is no difference whatsoever between this generic and the branded alternative except for the price of course! I save plenty with the generic!

Note: buy-pharma does not imply any medical claims from this review.