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Potassium Iodide

US Brand Name Potassium Iodide
Generic Name Potassium Iodide
Other Brand NamePotassium Iodide
Manufacturer Tiofarma
Form Tablet
Strength 130mg
Available online

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Potassium Iodide


Potassium Iodide is used in the treatment of hyperthyroidism, asthma, chronic bronchitis, or emphysema and also thyroid cancer.

How it Works

Potassium iodide works by reducing the thyroid hormones produced by the thyroid gland. Potassium iodide also works as an expectorant to thin mucus and loosen congestion in the chest and throat.

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Potassium Iodide can include the symptoms below;

joint pain,
swelling of arms, face, legs, lips, tongue, and/or throat,
swelling of lymph glands,
Burning of mouth or throat,
Increased watering of mouth,
Irregular heartbeat