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Angispan-TR, Nitroglycerin, Glyceryl Trinitrate

Angispan-TR (Nitroglycerin) is prescribed to help treat or prevent angina attacks.

US Brand Name Minitran; Nitrek; Nitro-Bid; Nitro-Derm; Nitro-Dur; Nitro-Time; Nitrodisc; Nitrogard; Nitroglyn; Nitrolingual; Nitrong; NitroQuick; Nitrostat; NitroTab; Transderm-Nitro; Transdermal-NTG; Tridil;
Generic Name Nitroglycerin
Other Brand Name Angispan TR
Manufacturer WYETH
Packing 25
Form Tablet
Strength 2.5 mg, 6.5 mg

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