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Moov , Wintergreen Tel + Pudina Ka Phool

US Brand Name Moov
Generic Name Wintergreen Tel + Pudina Ka Phool
Other Brand Name Moov
Packing 1
Manufacturer Paras Pharma
Strength 50 gm

  • 50gm $9.90
Available online
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  • Moov ,  Wintergreen Tel /  Pudina Ka Phool Manufacturer Information
  • Moov ,  Wintergreen Tel /  Pudina Ka Phool Tube
  • Moov ,  Wintergreen Tel /  Pudina Ka Phool Tube Information

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A good example of pain control is Moov. Moreover, Moov has been popular nowadays because of its efficacy. This is the safest and the most trusted name in pain killer industry is the Moov. This is a cream which has a combination of camphor, oil of camphor, and any other medicinal substance with counterirritant and sooths the body painful condition, causing the dilation of blood vessels with cooling effect.


Moov (wintergreen) is basically composed of MENTHOL. It is in the form of cream applied topically. Moov medication contains 1.21 grams of menthol. Among other components are camphor 1.2 grams, oil of camphor 0.18 grams, oleoresin capsicum 0.042 grams, and methyl salicylate 0.48 grams.


This is a cream use to relieve pain in various parts of the body. Good for shallow massage of muscular pain and treatment for sprains, fibrosis, rheumatism which is either non-articular or articular sciatica, arthritis, lumbago, muscular strains and bruises. It is suitable for minor fractures. Moov is also called as the specialist for back pain. This drug heals the inflammation and swelling of the nerve causing pain.

Dosage and administration

The product is applied topically. The gel solution is applied three to four times daily or as needed. Apply the product vigorously in the affected area. The spray type Moov is being sprayed on the affected area three to four times with the distance of 5 centimetres. Shake the bottle before spraying. The product is available in 40 gm and 100 gm cream tube. The product is recommended by most people especially by female since it is proven to ease the pain. It has a good healing effect which made it the No. 1 pain killing medicine in the world. Also good for children at minimal cream amount yet it must not irritate their skin. It is important to treat pain immediately because it is subjective.


Hypersensetivity on this type of drug medicine or any other forms of this product must never allow or let the patient to use it especially when a woman is pregnant. Ointment is generally good, however, Moov contains camphor which is discouraged to use during pregnancy.

Important Precautions

See to it that the eye is not being contact with the medicine as it has burning sensation when accidentally put inside of the eye. Be careful also not to apply the cream on the broken skin. If that happen, wash your eyes with running water or your broken skin.

Side effects

Moov can trigger skin or any other form of allergic reaction especially for individuals who have sensitive skin and allergic reaction to medicine or camphor, so a hypersensitive person must try to ask her/his doctor first before she/he use it for treatment


Keep it away from small children and secure it in a safe place to avoid accidental eating or swallowing of toddlers when they found it misplaced.